Employee touchless check-in

Quick and easy employee check-in at reception with a personal QR code that's easy to access in from their digital wallet

Employee check-in is important so that you can track office capacity and keep track of who is at the office on each day in a digital log.

The touchless Wellcome Pass allows for quick and easy employee check-in with a unique personal QR code that's easy to access in their digital wallet.

And it's simple to set up too. Upload your employee list to the Admin Dashboard. The employee gets an email with a link to download their Wellcome Pass into their Apple or Android digital wallet on their mobile device or their Apple watch. No third party sign in app required.

Employees double click on their phone or watch to open the Wellcome Pass personal QR code. They check in to the office by scanning their pass on the iPad at the reception. When scanned, the iPad app displays a confirmation message that reminds them of the health and Covid safety guidelines before they enter the office.  

Wellcome is the all-in-one office management system that helps you stay compliant and maintain workplace health and safety.

Employee check in app