Manage office capacity

Access to tools and reports to help plan and manage office capacity so that it's never overcrowded

Wellcome helps office managers track workplace capacity and occupancy data to avoid overcrowding and maintain social distancing responsibilities in the workplace.  

Employees can only schedule in-office days up to the capacity limit you set in the Admin Dashboard, which can vary by office location.

In the event that occupancy approaches the pre-set office capacity limit, receive a notification and can take steps to reduce occupancy in order to stay within the required limits.

Several reports are available in the Admin Dashboard to help. View the current office capacity status, and also see capacity projections to predict what the actual occupancy will be each day. These reports provide valuable insight to plan ahead for high occupancy days.

A Capacity Report is also available in the Admin Dashboard to validate that the business followed health and safety regulations. This report is a digital log of everyone who entered the office, by day and time they entered.

Capacity Management - Reports