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Wellcome helps you manage the workplace effectively, making it safe and easy for everyone - employees, visitors and contractors.

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Workplace Management
Wrokplace Manager

Workplace management

Schedule in-office days

Employees pre-book when they want to work in the office so you know who will be in the office when.

Contact Tracing

contact tracing

Contact tracing for employees and visitors

In the event of a COVID-19 case at your workplace, quickly identify and inform everyone who may be at risk.

Contact tracing - Wellcome
Touchless check-in
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touchless check-in

Touchless check-in for
employees and visitors

Help everyone feel more comfortable at the office, starting with touchless check-in for employees and a complete visitor system

Integrations for your every need.

The Wellcome platform works with the technologies you need most including Slack, Email, Text and more to help you manage the workplace effectively.

Instantly notify hosts when their visitors complete the health check-in form, and if they are approved to enter the office.

Send email notifications to hosts to inform them of visitor arrival, and if the visitor is approved to enter the office.

Notify the selected host when their visitor arrives, has completed the health check-in form and can enter the office

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