great office experience

We believe all great office experiences start with Wellcome.

At Wellcome, we help businesses manage their offices by ensuring everyone—employees, contractors, and visitors—feel confident and stay healthy when they are at the office.



Wellcome is built to the highest standards, never leaving your employees stranded or workplace vulnerable.


We are fully committed to keeping your data as safe as possible. Read our Privacy page to learn how we keep your data safe.


We’ve designed to be easy to use for all users. Our pricing is straightforward to help make the buying process easy.

Our Product

Wellcome is designed to be what your business needs today. As the world figures out how to work and recover from a pandemic, office management and visitor management systems need new and different features. That’s why the core of the Wellcome platform is touchless. Touchless visitor and employee check-in is our way of helping your business stay open while protecting everyone.

Say goodbye to the days of entering your name into the iPad in reception. With Wellcome, your employees and visitors can check-in within seconds, while maintaining social distancing and no-contact regulations.

Our Pricing

We want to make Wellcome accessible to as many people as need it, which is why our pricing is simple. We recognize that you may not need all the bells and whistles of a complex visitor management system anymore, and we don’t want you to pay for any more features than you really need.

Adding more locations or iPads to your package does not cost us more money, so we don’t charge you for it. And we would never charge you for more check-ins, we want everyone to check-in every day. Even on our most basic plan, you have unlimited check-ins, locations & visitors, and even multiple ipads in the building for handling heavy traffic.

Our Why

We believe that it’s important for every office to have a capacity plan and a contactless check-in system for employees and visitors. That’s why we made Wellcome for everyone. It doesn’t matter what you do or what size your business is. At Wellcome, everybody’s welcome.