7 things to consider when making a Covid-safe office reopening plan

When making a plan to keep employees safe and business running smoothly, there are 7 important things to consider.

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November 28, 2022

COVID-19 brought the world to a screeching halt, and as businesses determine protocols for this new normal, one thing is certain: we can’t—and shouldn’t—go back to business as usual. Businesses will need to walk a fine line between helping employees feel safe without feeling snooped on while tracking necessary information as required by the government. When making a plan to keep employees safe and business running smoothly, there are 7 important things to consider.

Capacity Management

Some countries have strict capacity laws, such as Australia. In order to stay within the governmental stipulations regarding social distancing and maximum capacity, your business needs a system to track who’s in the building. This system needs to notify management of the likelihood of overcrowding and the ability to shut off check-ins when the limit is hit.

Touchless Technology

Perhaps the most important consideration while creating a plan is minimizing the risk of spreading germs through shared surfaces. Choose a solution that has a positive employee experience to welcome them back safely by allowing them to return to their office in a touch-free manner.

Employee Check-In

You trust your employees, right? Instead of hassling employees with daily questionnaires, choose a system that promotes an element of trust between employers and employees. Wellcome is an all-in-one office management system that utilizes touchless technology for daily check-ins. Wellcome offers an app-free solution using Apple or Google wallets for an easy, touch-free check-in.  

Visitor Check-In

Does your office accept visitors? While employees may be trusted to check-in daily without answering a COVID questionnaire, you may want to vet visitors with a more thorough check-in process. Wellcome offers touch-free solutions for visitor sign-in, so you can keep them and your employees safe.

Desk assignments

As employees begin returning to hybrid work offices more regularly, you may need to make some alterations to your usual working arrangements. If your workplace offers hot desk solutions for employees, perhaps those who are in the office most regularly should be assigned a permanent space to limit contamination. When choosing COVID safe sign-in technology, choose one with the ability to segment lists based on the frequency of check-ins.

Contact Tracing

Even when vaccinations are rolled out, we need to be Covid-safe. With the re-opening of workplaces and the easing of lockdown restrictions, someone in your organization may still be exposed. In case one of your employees tests positive, the ability to perform contact tracing in-house is essential.

Emergency Notifications

Timing is everything, and the sooner you can alert those who may have been exposed to the virus, the better. Wellcome offers the ability to quickly search for those who may have come into contact with the infected individual so that you can send out an emergency alert using their preferred contact information as collected at check-in.

Keeping your employees COVID-safe starts at the beginning of each day with a check-in procedure. Wellcome offers an automated, touch-free solution, so you can focus on the work your company does best.

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